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Why We Exist

Ethiopia's youth face significant challenges that require immediate and innovative solutions. With 41% of the population under the age of 15 and 28% between the ages of 15 and 29, the country has a remarkably young demographic. This youthful population, however, confronts a daunting reality: a staggering 27% unemployment rate.

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Our Solution 

Youth Innovators aims to address these challenges by empowering young people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to thrive. Through our rural and digital interventions, we strive to create pathways for youth to overcome these barriers, fostering a brighter and more prosperous future for Ethiopia. Our innovative programs target both rural and urban areas, tailoring interventions to meet the unique needs of each community.

Rural Area

In rural areas, Youth Innovators focuses on empowering farmers and herders through a dynamic reality TV and radio show. Hosted by engaging and energetic male and female presenters, this show provides new insights and practical innovations in an entertaining format. The goal is to offer practical solutions that farmers and herders can apply to their daily lives, helping them overcome real challenges and lead healthier, more productive lives. The content is developed in collaboration with experts who regularly feature in episodes, showcasing creativity and entrepreneurial problem-solving.

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Urban Area

Youth Innovators is revolutionizing English language learning with a cutting-edge digital platform designed for Ethiopian youth. This platform offers audio lessons and gamified exercises, making it easier and more enjoyable for young people to learn English. By pioneering this innovative approach, we aim to enhance English proficiency in a way that fits seamlessly into the Ethiopian learning environment. Learning digitally not only improves English skills but also provides a foundation for developing broader digital literacy, equipping youth with essential skills for the future.

Who We Serve

  • Youth: providing them with knowledge and skills to change their livelihood

  • Farmers: provide them with agricultural advice on how we can change their livelihood

  •  Vulnerable Populations: Partnering with developmental partners to support refugees, internally displaced persons, and marginalized groups.


Invest in Ethiopia's Future

Your support will  sustain and scale youth innovators By investing in YI, you contribute to:

  • Empowering youth with livelihood skills

  • Breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality.

  • Creating a brighter future for Ethiopian youth


Middle aged, female community member

 Youth female

Youth Innovators episodes are being used to teach farmers and rural youth
on ways to improve their livelihood.
"Through saving borrowing and production overall I have learned a lot of things."
"I never cared what my goats ate but I have learned about the material that is used to feed goats and I am happy I learned this."

Our Projects

Explore Current and Previous Projects in collaboration
with our Partners and Clients

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 (BWB) Youth Innovators

Collaboration with CRS

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Involve me, watch me

Collaboration with EU

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Enhancing Livelihoods

Collaboration with Hava

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Experience Our Solution:

Join our innovative programs and digital platforms to enhance your English proficiency and digital literacy.

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Would you like to co-create a project and impact millions of
young minds positively? 

Tel.  +251-116-297-768 | +251-952-95-95-95

P.O. Box. 608 Code 1250: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

 Gerji Mebrat Hail Site 1 Condominium

Block 28 2nd floor

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