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Tsehai Loves Learning (Ages 3-10)

Access to Quality Early Childhood Education

Why We Exist

In Ethiopia, over 7 Million preschoolers lack Early Childhood Education and Care resulting in a low level of school readiness.


34% of Ethiopian Students in grade 2 are unable to read a single word of a grade-level story

48% could not correctly answer even one comprehension question.


Our Solution  

Meet Tsehai! A 6 year old giraffe that is the lead female character of  the famous puppet (now animation) video, radio and book series of Tsehai Loves Learning that drive knowledge gain and behavioral changes for children between 3-10 years of age. 

Tsehai touches on all types of development issues from health to socio-emotional learning, literacy to coping to peace, you name it. We have a way of simplifying complex issues into more understandable and digestible content for children.  As CNN calls Tseahi “Ethiopian Sesame Street”  has been the longest TV series in Ethiopian Television being on air for over 16 years. Most of our team grow up watching Tsehai and understand the impact it made in our upbringing and are dedicated to use this enduring Ethiopian brand as a tool for change.

 TLL’s Proven Results

Mass Media


Tsehai Loves Learning nationally broadcasts on TV and Radio, reaching over 10,000,000 children throughout the week through the 22 national and regional broadcasting partners. 


Public Schools


Beyond national broadcast, Tsehai Loves Learning reaches school children through training teachers and setting up Tsehai corners  with Tsehai videos, storybooks, posters, flashcards, and teacher guides. These school interventions showed an impact in the areas of health, reading comprehension, and socio-emotional development; with children exhibiting double knowledge gain, 83.43% school readiness, and 20.08% socio-emotional development.


Families and Communities


Tsehai Loves Reading is a community outreach program that actively engage families and caregivers in early stimulation and foster the love of reading at early age. Tsehai Loves Reading implemented  in 40 schools with 10,000 parents to start read at home program. Parent were provided with new beautifully illustrated full color children book and bag every Friday to take home and read with their children.  This program not only improve children vocabulary and identification of letter but also increased bond with their caregiver improving the children socio-emotional well being. 

Who We Serve

  • Children between 3-10 years of age.

  • Parents, caregivers and educators of  children between 3-10 years of age.

  • Vulnerable Populations: Partnering with developmental partners to support refugees, internally displaced persons, and marginalized groups.


Want to change the future of Ethiopia for better? Partner with us.

By partnering with us, you contribute to:


  • Providing quality early childhood education to millions of Ethiopian children.

  • Empowering educators with effective teaching resources.

  • Diversifying access  to quality early childhood education utilizing Tsehai’s  platform from mass media to school intervention to online learning to community outreach and reach children wherever they are. 


Join us in creating a brighter future for Ethiopian children.

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Hear from Our Community

Haimonot Migbar, 4th grade student

 Hiwot Amara Le Roy, mother of 2

“When I was in 2nd and 3rd grade, I didn’t know how to read. Since the Tsehai Loves Learning program started, I have become very fast at reading”
“My children are trying to decide which TLL book to pick for today’s Amharic session. Believe it or not, since we started working with these books my little ones ask me regularly (almost begging) to have Amharic class scheduled for the day”

Experience Our Solution 

Are you a parent and want Tsehai’s product?


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Our Projects

Explore Current and Previous Projects in collaboration
with our Partners and Clients


All Children Reading

Collaboration with USAID

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 Tsehai Loves Reading

Collaboration with Rotary

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All Children Reading

Collaboration with EU

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Better Wellbeing Tsehai Loves Learning

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Healthy Whiz Kids

Collaboration with USAID

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Covid Emergency Response

Collaboration with READ II, USAID

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Featured in Media and Blog


Teaching a New Generation

Yosthena Aynalem


Every Sunday morning, Ethiopian children eagerly tune in to "Tsehai Loves Learning," an educational show that has become a staple of their childhood.


Transforming Education for Ethiopian Children Through TV

May 31, 2024 | CNN

Bruktawit Tigabu has captivated millions of Ethiopian children with her groundbreaking TV show, "Tsehai Loves Learning.

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