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What We do

At Whiz Kids, we leverage mass media and cost-effective technology to deliver engaging, culturally rich, inclusive, and age-appropriate educational content to millions of children, youth, and families. Our goal is to positively impact young learners at scale with programming tailored specifically
for them.

Our Vision

Empowering Africa's children and youth to

reach their full potential by fostering engaging, holistic learning experiences that drive measurable well-being outcomes for at least 500 million young people across the continent and globally.

Our Mision

Making Learning a Lifelong Passion! We empower African families and children to unlock their boundless potential by cultivating a lifelong love of learning. Our top-quality, localized edutainment transforms minds, changes lives, and builds thriving communities.

Our Values


How we deliver social Impact

Our Model: The Better Well-Being Model

With nearly 20 years of experience, Whiz Kids' Better Well-Being Model provides local solutions that positively influence generations from birth to young adulthood. Our four innovations span diverse sectors such as education, health, WASH, agriculture, peace and security, livelihoods, and gender equality.

  • Tsehai for Families: Pregnancy to age 7

  • Tsehai Loves Learning: Ages 3-10

  • Tibeb Girls: Ages 11-18

  • Youth Innovators: Ages 18 and above


Additionally, our Better Well-Being Advocacy promotes major developmental priorities to policymakers. Rooted in research and creativity, our model fosters improvements in knowledge, attitudes, and practices across all life stages.

The Better Well-Being Model

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Our Approach

We implement locally innovative and tested Social and Behavior Change (SBC) platforms, unified by our overarching creative concept - Better Well-Being. This concept is mainstreamed across all sectors and audiences.


Life Cycle Approach

We ensure lasting well-being impact across society through four innovative and tested Better Well-Being platforms.

  • Tsehai for Families: Pregnancy to age 7

  • Tsehai Loves Learning: Ages 3-10

  • Tibeb Girls: Ages 11-18

  • Youth Innovators: Ages 18+



We co-design empowering content with Expert Advisory Groups, children, young people, and their families, ensuring our innovations meet our audience's needs.



We prioritize impact and improvement through continuous assessment and evaluations. Our approach includes pre- and post-assessments, focus groups, digital user feedback, and third-party evaluations to rigorously measure our impact.


Social Transformation

Our SBC (Social and Behavior Change) approach shifts social norms using art and science, supporting individuals from birth to adulthood at individual, interpersonal, institutional, community, and policy levels, applying the socio-ecological model.



We reach over 10 million people via TV, radio, print, school, and e-learning, using cost-effective technologies to connect with young people and communities.


Creative Collaboration

Our Research, Creative, and Partnership teams develop impactful educational interventions through collaborations with universities, developmental partners, and public/private sectors, from national ministries to local bureaus.

History and Achievements


The Idea Came to Life

It all started with a Sock, one camera, one computer, one goal: To create an impact on Ethiopian children and youth. The idea came to life in the living room of a young wife and husband team; Bruktawit Tigabu and Shane Etzenhouser.


Meet The Team


Brukty Tigabu

CEO, Co-founder & Creative Director


Ermias Alebachew

Chief Operating Officer

1f9096_6083d949fad64e719ea6e7583ef07a95~mv2_d_3316_3033_s_4_2 (1).webp

Wim Ottermans

Chief Development Officer


Tedi Ware

Chief Learning Officer

whiz kids symbol logo-01.png

Marianne Coillot

Country Director

Anteneh Tefera (PhD).jpg

Anteneh Tefera (PhD)

Program & MEAL Director

whiz kids symbol logo-01.png

Ayub Esak

Regional Director


Kassahun Zerihun

Youth Education Director


Tirhas Haile

ECD Director

whiz kids symbol logo-01.png

Genet Tigabu

Partnership & Media Moitoring Lead


Natnel Aychew

Operation Lead


Kibrom Habtom

Admin & Logistics Lead


Teshome Nura

Project & MEAL Lead


Michael Sagawa

YI Innovation Manager


Kalkidan Belachew

TLL Innovation Manager


Abel Aschalew

TG Innovation Manager


Selam Admasu

Customer & Production Manager


Samrawit Tesfaye

Senior UI/UX Designer


Tamiru Mengesha

Senior UI/UX Designer


Biruk Bereded

Senior Video Editor

IMG_1604 copy.jpg

Lidya Kebede

Senior Accountant


Ermias Abuneh

YI Innovation Lead

IMG_1594 copy.jpg

Hana Belachew

Music Production Lead


Elsabeth Gebrehiwot

Administrative Assistant


Hiyab Tekelhaimanot

T4F Product Owner


Nathnael Yonas

YI Innovation Assistant


Ruth Alemayehu

Innovation Assistant


Kalkidan Kebede

Innovation Assistant


Tewodaj Guale

Innovation Assistant

whiz kids symbol logo-01.png

Joseph Endale

IT & Data Management Officer


Amen Abrha

Junior UI/UX Designer


Fenet Lemma

Junior Accountant


Makida Nigus

Video Editor


Medhanit Assefa

Video Editor

whiz kids symbol logo-01_edited.png

Workalemahu Bekele

Woreda Coordinator

whiz kids symbol logo-01_edited.png

Newas Yusuf

Woreda Coordinator

Gurmessa copy.jpg

Gurmessa Yakub

Woreda Coordinator


Befrdu Sheleme

Store Head

IMG_1619 copy.jpg

Mesfin Lemma


whiz kids symbol logo-01_edited.png

Abekiyelish Kebede

Office Assistant

whiz kids symbol logo-01_edited.png

Betelehem Mamo

Office Assistant

IMG_1621 copy.jpg

Netsanet Mesfin

Office assistant

Partner with Us for MASSive Impact

Tel.  +251-116-297-768 | +251-952-95-95-95

P.O. Box. 608 Code 1250: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

 Gerji Mebrat Hail Site 1 Condominium

Block 28 2nd floor

Transform Now

Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Bring your best self through our learning platforms and schools:

Need support? Call NOW +251-952-95-95-95

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