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Meet Tibeb Girls (Ages 11-18)

Championing gender equality and combating societal injustices through the power of animation.

The Struggle for Equality and Justice

African adolescents, particularly girls, face significant societal challenges, including child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), ethnic conflicts and gender inequality,  that hinder their education and personal development. These issues prevent girls from reaching their full potential, perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality.

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Our Solution 

Tibeb Girls: Champions of Change

Tibeb Girls offers a pioneering animated series and an engaging educational program designed to empower adolescents across Africa. By confronting real-life challenges, Tibeb Girls promotes perseverance, strength, courage, and wisdom, inspiring young viewers to challenge and change societal injustices. Our platform fosters peace, justice, and equality, empowering youth to become proactive community leaders. Additionally, we build social-emotional skills to help them flourish at home, in schools, and within their communities.

Value Proposition

  • Inspirational Storytelling: Engaging animation that tackles complex issues with simplicity and creativity, resonating with youth.

  • Diverse Educational Content: Lessons on empathy, conflict resolution, leadership, responsible decision-making, and emotional intelligence, while deepening understanding of social injustice.

  • Interactive E-Learning: Modules that combine fun with education, reinforcing critical life skills for teens, strengthening family bonds, and guiding parents to raise socially conscious, globally aware children.

  • Tibeb Ambassador Program: Utilizes Tibeb Club Kits with activities, guides, and projects for primary and middle school students.​

  • Multiple Language Support: Available in seven local and two international languages to ensure accessibility.

  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Quality content available across multiple platforms including TV/video series, radio, comic books, printed activities, digital platforms, and community outreach for widespread reach.

  • Tibeb Fairs and Summits: Recognizes and celebrates the achievements of Tibeb Ambassadors. These events also serve as advocacy campaigns promoting youth empowerment, peace, and social cohesion.

Who We Serve

  • Adolescents:  Through various channels such as TV and radio broadcasts, social media engagement, online learning platforms, and school outreach initiatives, we reach out to adolescents, including both primary (10-13-year-olds) and high school (14-17-year-olds) students. Our Tibeb Ambassador program further enhances our reach by engaging directly with schools and communities.

  • Teen/Preteen and Their Parents:  Tibeb Girls e-learning platform and interactive activities cater to the needs of teenagers and preteens along with their parents. By focusing on Strengthening Bonds, Expanding Perspectives, and Inspiring Action, we create an enriching experience for both generations.

  • Teachers and Facilitators: Our Tibeb Ambassador Program equips educators and facilitators with the necessary tools and training to utilize the Tibeb Ambassador kit effectively in schools and communities. By empowering these professionals, we extend our impact to a broader audience.


 Elsi, Caregiver

Dawit(teenager), 14

"The e-learning experience was enjoyable and impactful. It helped me get to know my cousin better"
"I think the TibebGirls e-learning is cool and fun. i enjoyed every part especially the game"

Experience Our Solution and Get in Touch:

Are you a parent or caregiver of preteen or teens? Join our school and community of changemakers at

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Our Projects

Explore Current and Previous Projects in collaboration
with our Partners and Clients

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Better Wellbeing Tibeb Girls (BWTG)

Collaboration with CRS

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Building Peace for Better Well-Being

Collaboration with EU

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Tibeb Girls -Heva Fund - IGNITE 

Collaboration with Hava

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Pan African Collaboration

Collaboration with DW

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Urgent Need for Empowerment

with The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

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 Fashion with Purpose

Tibeb Wear embodies style and purpose, drawing inspiration from the resilience and empowerment of Tibeb Girls. Our meticulously crafted designs blend African patterns with inspiring narratives, celebrating cultural richness and fostering community empowerment. 

Join the Tibeb family in advocating for gender equality, education, and empowerment, making a stylish statement that supports meaningful change.

Featured in Media and Blog


Teaching a New Generation

Yosthena Aynalem


Every Sunday morning, Ethiopian children eagerly tune in to "Tsehai Loves Learning," an educational show that has become a staple of their childhood.

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