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Tsehai for Families Annual Event Hosted at Intercontinental Hotel.

The 2022 Tsehai for Families Annual Event, hosted at the InterLuxury Hotel on February 24th 2022, theme is Strong Family: Strong Nation-the Role of Stakeholders in Early Child Development (ECD) in Ethiopia. The Tsehai Annual Event is organized to reflect and evaluate what has been done so far with the TV show “Tsehai for Families with Brukty '' and the launching of a new e-learning platform :the first e-learning platform for parents, guardians, and families. This platform provides short courses on different aspects of parenting and holistic child development. The courses are designed in collaboration with experienced experts in the field of child health, education, psychology, neuroscience, and adult learning. The parenting masterclass courses are in Amharic and video-based where parents access them with specific tools right at their fingertips- their phone.

The Minister of Education, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Women and Social Affairs, and the Minister of Innovation and Technology are cordially invited and will take part in the discussion about how to improve ECD in Ethiopia. The Center of Early Childhood Education at Addis Ababa University, developmental partners and corporations ,along with the key ministries, will join a panel discussion to consult about what has been done so far and the way forward.

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