Early Childhood Education

Young school girl reading storybook in front of black chalkboard, early childhood education at workEarly childhood care and education has become one of the priorities for the education sector because of its close link to the improvement of quality of education and the reduction of drop out and repetition rates in later stages of formal schooling.  It also leads to higher enrolment rates, particularly of girls.  Participating in early childhood care and education is the right of the child and is considered the first step in quality education. This in turn contributes to the goal of development and poverty reduction.

It is more cost effective to institute preventive measures and support for children early on than to compensate for disadvantage as they grow older. Affordable and reliable early childhood education provides essential support for working parents. Investment in quality early childhood education yields a high economic return, offsetting disadvantage and inequality, especially for children from poor families.

Whiz Kids’ innovative approach and award winning television and radio series, Tsehai Loves Learning, transforms reading comprehension levels and prepares students for success in school.  Through the creation and distribution of appropriate television and radio programming as well as educational materials, we are helping build a better Ethiopia.

Education News

Tibeb Girls Script Writing Workshop

                                                                         Tibeb Girls Unite!  Are you PASSIONATE about empowering Ethiopian girls to rise up against injustice and fight for a

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Tsehai Helps Students Love Learning

Primary school teacher incorporates health-focused educational media in her classroom With the help of a giraffe, education in Ethiopia is reaching new heights. After more than eight years of teaching, Abeba Eyasu, a primary school teacher at Addis Ababa Bole Gerji Primary School, was surprised to learn through a USAID-sponsored program that children’s learning is

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Modernizing Data Collection Leads to Bigger Possibilities in Ethiopia’s Education System

In 2015, during the close out of the first round Tsehai Loves Learning –Healthy Whiz Kids project a research was conducted in collaboration with the Blue Butterfly to measure impact of the project. Findings of the research showed that the television episodes of the Tsehai Loves Learning- Healthy Whiz Kids program doubled children’s health knowledge.

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Brukty talking at Japan Prize 2014

Bruktawit Returns to Japan Prize as Judge

Japan Prize 2014 Our co-founder, Bruktawit Tigabu, received the honor of serving as a judge at Japan Prize 2014.  Japan Prize has a long history of excellence.  It was chartered “to encourage higher standards in audiovisual content for education, with the objective of aiding the development of educational broadcasting around the world, and of contributing

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Picture of Tsehai for Healthy Whiz Kids

Healthy Whiz Kids Script Writing Challenge

Overview Think you have what it takes to write a script for the upcoming season of Tsehai?  Well this is your chance.  Participate in the Healthy Whiz Kids Script Writing Challenge.  Read the rules and guidelines below, write a script, then submit it for consideration.  Winners will see their script come to life on television and

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A Tsehai Reading Corner featuring Tsehai storybooks, flashcards, and and posters to encourage childhood literacy in Ethiopian schools

Tsehai Storybooks Put to Use

Pro Pride Ethiopia purchased and distributed 20,000 Tsehai storybooks as part of a USAID project called “Improving Reading Skills Defining Childhood Dreams.” Tsehai leveled storybooks cover from beginner to advanced readers with local stories beautifully illustrated and high quality print. Similarly, we want to thank Initiative Africa for purchasing twelve Tsehai storybook kits.  These materials

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Bruktawit Tigabu instructing girls how to use a camera for Ethiopia's part in the Girls' Education Challenge

Girls’ Education Challenge – Ethiopia

Involve Me Whiz Kids is participating in the United Kingdom’s Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC).  Working with Link Community Development Ethiopia (LCDE), Whiz Kids has devised an innovative approach called “Involve Me; Watch Me” to help girls stay in school and finish their primary education. “Involve Me; Watch Me” is a multimedia platform which allows young

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A scriptwriter's workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Africa)

Scriptwriter Workshops

We’ve been hosting scriptwriter workshops for our upcoming season of Tsehai. The goal is familiarize our writers with our mission, Tsehai, and the Healthy Whiz Kids initiative.  We have been blessed to receive pro bono training from Dr. Charlotte Cole, a founder of the Blue Butterfly Collaborative and former Vice President of Sesame Street International,

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Storytime at Shoa Now Every Saturday

Exciting news for our friends in Addis! Shoa Hypermarket in the Zefmesh Mall in Megananya is hosting a storytime for kids and families every Saturday at 11:00 AM (4:00 Ethiopian time) in Tsehai’s Reading Corner.

Tsehai Makes Friends in 20 Schools!

With the assistance of our crowdsourcing campaign, WKW equipped 31 classrooms in 20 government-run primary schools around Addis with Tsehai Loves Learning Corners filled with Amharic flashcards, posters, storybooks and workbooks. In total, WKW distributed 6000 student workbooks. Each school received a Tsehai-themed reading corner, the new Tsehai Loves Learning season, and a DVD player. To ensure that these products are used properly, WKW provided

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