What We Promote

Whiz Kids Workshop provides educational materials through our innovative approach and award winning children’s television and mass-media programs reaching millions of children by creating an impact to narrow large educational gaps in Ethiopia, particularly at the preschool level, by making the educational materials entertaining and culturally relevant, affordable and reliable for early childhood education, specially for rural areas since our products are made in local languages, and are internationally recognized for quality and educational value.

The content of our products are dynamic by covering health, education and social issues like HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender, Disability, character building like thoughtfulness, kindness, truthfulness; to Academic development like Math’s, Science and literacy and most importantly we focus on socio- emotional development like self-esteem and sharing. This will help children to be ready for school at an early age as well as life.

The productions of these materials are economically self-sustainable that will make it affordable to all of our communities in our country. Our plan is to increase literacy, overall improvement of quality of education, reduction of drop out and repetition rates that will be helpful in later stages of formal schooling and because it leads to higher enrolments. This in turn contributes to the Development Goal and reducing poverty particularly of girls and rural areas. Early Grade Reading Assessment findings show that more than 50% of the national sample had 0% reading comprehension, even at the end of Grade 2. We are determined to change that.

In partnership with Ministry of Education, local and international organizations we have setup reading corners in classrooms of twenty government schools, cultivating a culture of reading books by organizing book reading for children in shopping centers, involving rural community students in film making to address their social and cultural issues, started a show for children aged 13 and above aiming to promote science in a fun and engaging way while encouraging a curiosity for innovation; this are in part some of our works.

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  • Early Childhood Education
  • Childhood Literacy
  • Health Behaviors
  • Character Development
  • Environmental Care
  • Social Issues