Healthy Whiz Kids Initiative

Project Goal

We are excited to address the lack of proper health education among children through the upcoming season of Tsehai.  The Healthy Whiz Kids project aims to enhance children and parents’ knowledge and positive attitudes towards a variety of healthy behaviors.  Tsehai’s adventures will naturally encourage healthy behavior by educating viewers on a healthy lifestyle.  Children will be empowered with knowledge on specific topics like vaccination, hygiene, nutrition, and accident prevention. US AID from the American People (Logo), sponsors of Healthy Whiz Kids in EthiopiaHealthy Whiz Kids is fully funded by USAID.  We believe we have a key role to play in transforming health education for children in Ethiopia.


The Healthy Whiz Kids project includes the production of 39 fifteen minute episodes of Tsehai Loves Learning.  It also will establish three Tsehai Resource Corners and one Tsehai Resource Center.  Stay tuned for details on location and opening.  The center will be free and open to the public.