Tsehai Loves Learning


Tshai, our favorite animated giraffe, posing in front of her house for Tsehai Loves LearningVisit Tsehai.com for more information and products.

Tsehai Loves Learning provides research based, high quality educational materials for children aged 3 to 8 on a mass scale, and we do so very cost effectively. With puppets and animation, this series educates children about topics ranging from public health to ethics to literacy, helping to prepare children for school and life at an early age.

Early Childhood Development

A focus on early childhood development improves primary school enrollment rates, increases a child’s success rate in school, and is proven to have lifelong benefits to a child’s academic and social well-being.

We develop children’s story books, teacher/parent guides, and DVD’s which complement the show.  We extend our reach to children with no access to television through the Tsehai Loves Learning radio show.

Healthy Whiz Kids

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