Whether you are a non-profit, a government organization, a foundation, a university, or a business, we would love to partner with you in transforming education in Ethiopia through mass media.  We have had many successful partnerships in the past (See Our Partners for a full list of past and present partners).

Unique Approach to Learning

Through our innovative pedagogical approach, Whiz Kids Workshop transforms reading comprehension levels and prepares millions of Ethiopian students for success in school.

Based on international and Ethiopia-specific research on effective strategies for improving reading comprehension, students who begin school prepared to succeed and encounter a fun learning environment upon entering school are more likely to learn, stay in school and have life-long benefits to their academic and social well-being. Tsehai makes learning fun!

Traditional Ethiopian teaching methods focus on rote memorization of the entire Amharic alphabet. Tsehai emphasizes learning the first letter of each family, focusing on 33 out of the 231 letters. After learning as few as 8 root forms, children gain confidence in their ability to spell and read, even before their first day of school. They experiment with forming words, sounding out strange words or even guessing the meaning of unknown words and phrases. With this confidence, children learn more, stay in the classroom and begin to perform at expected reading comprehension levels for their grade.

Programming Flexibility

Whiz Kids Workshop can provide programming in three ways. First, we can provide current Tsehai content for your audience. Second, by utilizing already developed materials, we can adapt our content to meet a specific audience and objectives. And third, we have the production capacity to create new series based on your desired topics.

Broad Impact
 Broadcasting with free television and radio episodes will engage millions of children in learning to read (5 million TV, 25 million radio). Distributing Tsehai print reading materials at schools, online and kiosks will directly impact how children practice and enjoy reading outside of the school environment and foster a culture of literacy. Providing appropriate training and resource materials for teachers will dramatically improve the classroom learning environment as children continue to discover new words and ideas.
Sustainable Investment in Learning

Each episode of programming can be replayed for several years because of the relatively low-cost reach and impact of media broadcasts. This repetition benefits children’s school readiness, performance and retention and adds new young learners each year. It’s one way funding dollars go the extra mile to help more kids learn.

We look forward to working together to promote education and a love of reading for bright new generations of Ethiopian children.

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