Mission and Milestones


To educate children and youth on a mass scale, through the creation and distribution of innovative, entertaining, culturally relevant media and materials


2006 Launched Tsehai Loves Learning for kids age 3-8 sustaining an average comprehension above 80%. This series uses a combination of puppets and animation to cover topics ranging from health education to character building to literacy, helping children to be ready for life and school at an early age (Sample Video). Tsehai Loves Learning is currently broadcasting on Ethiopian Television on Saturdays, reaching up to ~5 million children.  The program is now adapted to radio to reach an additional ~20 million children.
2009 Expanded reach of Tsehai Loves Learning through programs in theaters, community screenings, DVDs
2010 Launched and broadcasted Involve Me, the first youth TV series made by and for youth for kids 9-15. Involve Me features one-minute short films created by underprivileged youth from different parts of Ethiopia. The program aims to give youth a voice. The youth, most of whom have never touched a camera before, then make a one minute film about the dreams, challenges, and hopes in their lives.2012 Launched and broadcast a series titled Little Investigators for kids age 12-18 to encourage scientific curiosity in early teens (Little Investigators Sample Video).  This is the first Ethiopian youth TV series aiming to promote science in a fun and engaging way whilst encouraging a curiosity for innovation.  In every episode, our three young hosts, two of which are girls, use the scientific method to investigate global issues such as global warming, and elaborate on their local impact in Ethiopia.

2012 Published five children’s books in five local languages.

2013 Launched 32 new Tsehai videos, published 32 children’s books, and produced 32 radio episodes

2014 Building on the success of Involve Me, we launched Involve Me; Watch Me in Wolaita language to help girls stay in school and finish their primary education. The show allows young girls to create films about the challenges they face and introduces them to a successful women role model who achieved those challenges. These vital role models show girls they can achieve or change anything with hard work and perseverance. Involve Me: Watch Me books and videos will be distributed in 115 schools in the Wolaita Zone of southwestern Ethiopia.

2015 Preparing to launch a fully animated television series for adolescent girls, Girls in Red, which features three female superheroes.  The show puts girls’ issues at the center and provides examples of girls asserting themselves, problem-solving, and implementing solutions. By broadcasting a program that will examine harmful practices and explore girls’ agency in addressing those challenges, Girls in Red will foster a culture of conversation among girls, families, and throughout the broader community.