Tsehai Loves Learning on Amhara TV and Radio Station

Whiz Kids Workshop Partners with Amhara Mass Media Agency

Whiz Kids Workshop is delighted to begin its partnership with the Amhara Mass Media Agency which began on August 6th, 2016. Tsehai Loves Learning is now airing on Amhara TV and Radio Network in addition to airing on Ethiopian Broadcasting Cooperation’s network channel EBC3.

Through the Tsehai Loves Learning/Healthy Whiz Kids project, with the support of USAID, is playing a key role in transforming the health literacy of the children of Ethiopia. Important lessons on hygiene, nutrition, communicable diseases and prevention are being given to enhance the knowledge and attitudes of both children and their parents.

The partnership was officially announced at a launch event organized by Whiz Kids Workshop in Bahir Dar where key government, education and health sector officials were present.

“We know that media has a role in educating a society on different issues. Our agency should seek different educational programs to broadcast so that society can benefit by learning and using this knowledge in their day to day lives.” said the Vice Director of the Amhara Mass Media Agency, Ato Dereje Moges, who commenced the launch event.

“Amhara Region’s children and parents are now benefitting from Tsehai Loves Learning, an educational show airing in the region for the first time because of Whiz Kids Workshop, aimed to increase health literacy”. Ato Dereje Mogse, Vice Director of Amhara Mass Media Agency, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

The Vice Director also expressed the agency’s appreciation of the effort made by Whiz Kids Workshop to educate children through mass media, and especially the Tsehai Loves Learning show. He emphasized that the Amhara Mass Media Agency is pleased to broadcast all 39 of the Tsehai Loves Learning/Healthy Whiz Kids episodes produced by the project twice a week.

This partnership will play a huge role in maximizing the impact of the Tsehai Loves Learning/Healthy Whiz Kids project by keeping children and parents in the Amhara region engaged and entertained while achieving its shared goal with USAID– creating positive behavior change by enhancing the health literacy of our society.

The Amhara Region children and parents will watch the show every Friday at 5:00p.m and will be repeated every Saturday at 8:00a.m on Amhara TV.





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