Showcasing the Healthy Whiz Kids Project

Using the media to build a positive image for Healthy Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids Workshop has launched an advertisement campaign which can make Healthy Whiz Kids a well-known project.

The first step was setting up interviews with famous radio shows around the city, in search of a good radio show that can build a positive image for the Healthy Whiz Kids Project. The first interview was with Zemi Yenus, a famous Ethiopian social activist, on her show called Yagebagnal. On this show, CEO of Whiz Kids Workshop Bruktawit Tigabu spoke about the essence, activities, current status, and importance of Healthy Whiz Kids, emphasizing its bettering effect on the community’s lives. “With the help of USAID, we have opened a center in which parents and their children can learn about health in fun and entertaining ways” said Bruktawit Tigabu on the Yagebagnal Show with Zemi Yenus.

The other interview was with Yonas Hagos and Gizachew Eshetu, famous Ethiopian journalists, on their show Ethiopikalink. On this show too, Bruktawit Tigabu spoke extensively about the Healthy Whiz Kids Project and the community resource center. Bruktawit explained about Healthy Whiz Kids, “Healthy Whiz Kids is a project that aims to address health problems that are believed to be crucial”. While explaining about what the project consists of

“People’s awareness of the noble aims of the Healthy Whiz Kids project will make them think about USAID’s assistance behind it”. Bruktawit Tigabu (middle), CEO of Whiz Kids Workshop, on the Ethiopikalink show with Yonas Hagos

Bruktawit said “We have opened a center called Ye Tsehai Mender, where parents and their children can learn about health while having fun. Since we are funded by USAID, entrance to this center is for free.”

Bruktawit was also interviewed by Metasebia Yilma, a famous TV and radio personality, on her show In and Around Addis. Bruktawit spoke about Healthy Whiz Kids and its ventures just like she did on the other shows.

The efforts to let the public know about the Healthy Whiz Kids project will have a positive effect on the public’s awareness on how the project planned to serve the community.



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