Healthy Whiz Kids Script Writing Challenge


Think you have what it takes to write a script for the upcoming season of Tsehai?  Well this is your chance.  Participate in the Healthy Whiz Kids Script Writing Challenge.  Read the rules and guidelines below, write a script, then submit it for consideration.  Winners will see their script come to life on television and have their name featured in the credits for our five million viewers to see.  They will also receive a complementary certificate honoring their achievement and a Tsehai prize package.

Script Guidelines

  • Picture of Tsehai for Healthy Whiz Kids Specific Topics
    1. Avoid sick people’s body fluid
    2. Washing eyes to avoid trachoma
    3. Safety around the house
  • Use the Healthy Whiz Kids Challenge Script Template to write your script.
    • Put non-dialog in parentheses to give context to what is going on
    • Script should first be submitted in English. If selected, it may be translated into Amharic.
    • Page Limit: ~ 7 pages / 115 lines


  1. Once submitted, your script becomes the intellectual property of Whiz Kids Workshop. Whiz Kids Workshop has the right to use part or all of your script and make any changes or alterations they deem necessary.
  2. A winner is defined as a participant where any part of their script is used for an episode of Tsehai Loves Learning. Winners have their name featured in the credits and will receive a prize package and certificate recognizing their achievement.
  3. The number of winners will be determined solely by the number of scripts accepted. If no scripts are selected, no winners will result.
  4. Participants must submit their script by December 15th, 2014 at 8:00 AM.
  5. By submitting a script, you agree to all rules and conditions outlined above.
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