Resource Centers Teach Over 12,000

Over 12,000 children and parents have received health education at Tsehai Resource Centers

In August of 2015, Whiz Kids Workshop (WKW) developed a Community Resource Center in order to provide a place where families could gain knowledge about health related topics through play. This action was a part of the Healthy Whiz Kids (HWK) initiative. While the Resource Center informs visitors on a wide range of health issues, a primary goal of the mobile Resource Center was to educate children and parents on the signs, symptoms, and transmission of “ATET” (acute diarrhea and vomiting). The Addis Ababa Health Bureau had identified the disease as a community health concern that Whiz Kids Workshop would be able to address. WKW had the goal of providing 10,000 clients with the services of the center within a year.


“The condominium festival taught me about a lot of health issues—especially the symptoms and prevention of ATAT. I am happy that you came and taught us and our children about these important health issues. Even more, you taught the children in a fun way. The kids love the festival and they learn from it. I recommend that you come to our site often.”- Wibit Derebe: Condominium Resident

In order to extend the HWK initiative and provide more families with the services of the Resource Center, WKW developed a mobile Resource Center which provide some or all resources at remote locations. The mobile centers were primarily established at condominium sites. Condominiums were chosen due to their high density of targeted families. At the resource center and mobile Resource Centers, families were taught about “ATET” as well as other health concerns, such as the importance and proper hand washing techniques.

The mobile Resource Centers were a success. So far, three condominium festivals have been held. Each lasted two days and have served 1,333 children and 817 parents. By July 2016, over 12,900 clients have visited either the resource center or mobile Resource Centers. This implies that WKW reached 129% of its target within 11 months. The Resource Center was not just a success by numbers. Condominium resident Wibit Derebe said that after the festival, she witnessed children practicing the hand washing techniques taught at the HWK festival.


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