Training is an important aspect of our work.  Through capacity building, the quality and depth of educational children’s media will continue to expand in Ethiopia.


Children’s Television Production Training

In September and October 2008, Whiz Kids Workshop led 5 students, representing a cross-section of religions, cultures, tribes, and regions of Ethiopia, through an intensive two-month training on all aspects of the creation of educational children’s video production, including child development, curriculum, research, audio and video production, and basic animation.  By the end of the course, all students had completed a new episode of Tsehai Loves Learning.

This is the most recent cooperation between UNESCO and Whiz Kids Workshop.


The One Minutes Jr.

In November 2008, 20 young Ethiopians from Gurage zone between the ages of 12 to 18 were trained and each produced a one minute film as part of a global initiative called the One Minutes Junior. Whiz Kids Workshop staff participated in this training which was conducted by the One Minutes Junior in cooperation with Save the Children Denmark.


Whiz Kids School of Animation

Whiz Kids Workshop’s studio doors are occasionally opened to youth between the ages of 11 to 17, where they learn simple forms of stop-motion and computer assisted 2D animation.

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