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"Tsehai Loves Learning" is supported in part through the sale of "Tsehai Loves Learning" DVDs and other products to the international Ethiopian community, parents of adopted Ethiopian children, and other fans of "Tsehai Loves Learning." To purchase "Tsehai Loves Learning" products, please visit our sister website at Tsehai.com.
Tsehai Loves Learning
Volume 2 - Love
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Volume 2 features episodes designed around our character building curriculum, and includes the Amharic letter 'seh' in the Japan Prize 2008 award winning episode "Love." For more information and previews please visit Tsehai.com.
New "Tsehai Loves Learning" DVD 2
First "Tsehai Loves Learning" DVD
Tsehai Loves Learning
Volume 1
Selam Tsehai
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