Japan Prize 2008

International Contest for Educational Media – Preschool Category The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Prize “Tsehai Loves Learning” won the top prize in the Preschool category at the Japan Prize 2008 International Contest for Educational Media. The Japan Prize was established in 1965 by the national Japanese broadcaster NHK. The annual festival honors the

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Partnering for Progress

With Save the Children, WKW created and is distributing wooden educational toy sets to the Somali region. 450 sets have been distributed to Dollo Ado. These materials are distributed in traveling teacher kits. In a region that often lacks designated learning spaces and the infrastructure to utilize Tsehai videos, this program allows early education teachers to move to  different locations.

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Tsehai Makes Friends in 20 Schools!

With the assistance of our crowdsourcing campaign, WKW equipped 31 classrooms in 20 government-run primary schools around Addis with Tsehai Loves Learning Corners filled with Amharic flashcards, posters, storybooks and workbooks. In total, WKW distributed 6000 student workbooks. Each school received a Tsehai-themed reading corner, the new Tsehai Loves Learning season, and a DVD player. To ensure that these products are used properly, WKW provided

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Work Vision: Children's Reading Books for Boosting Literacy (Logo)

41,500 Books Delivered!

Whiz Kids has teamed up with World Vision Ethiopia to deliver 41,500 books to children all over the Oromia Region! The project, a part of World Vision’s Literacy Boost Program, has provided materials from Whiz Kids’ 10-book Tsehai Loves Reading collection to children in Ethiopia’s most illiterate region. The books are written in Afaan Oromo

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Nominees accepting awards at the 2008 Educating Africa Teach a Man to Fish Award

Pan-African Award for Entrepreneurship

2008 Educating Africa: Teach-A-Man-To-Fish The Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship is the award for the most entrepreneurial education programs in Africa. The award is run by UK based education charity Teach-A-Man-To-Fish. The 2008 edition, sponsored by ‘Educating Africa’, sought to identify the very best organizations rising to the challenges of supporting education across Africa, highlight their ways

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Brukty and Shane Accepting Award at Prix Jeunesse International

Whiz Kids Awarded Next Generation Prize

Whiz Kids Workshop Awarded 2008 Children’s Television Festival’s Next Generation Prize The “Next Generation Prize” is awarded to “a production team that is inspirational, innovative and inspired by a great idea that was produced under difficult circumstances.  The intention of the award is to promote talent that—with financial support, mentoring and consultation—promises to come up with great

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