Health Resources Reaching More Kids: Using Partnerships to Multiply Distribution

Healthy Whiz Kids episodes and books are now being widely distributed through partnering organizations.

    Thousands more children under the age of eight can now enjoy and be inspired by twelve story books that weave tales touching on thirty-nine health topics and other child development issues in different centers such as orphanages home village, orphanage schools and reading centers.

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In 2013, Whiz Kids Workshop received assistance from the American people for its project, Tsehai Loves Learning – Healthy Whiz Kids under the ultimate goal of “deliver quality basic public health and education services and promote a governance environment that is conducive for sustainable economic development”.

In October 2016, Whiz Kids Workshop partnered with 8 organizations to use and distribute Tsehai Loves Learning materials to 15,594 beneficiaries. These organizations are mainly orphanage home villages, reading centers and orphanage schools that are found in Addis Ababa Region.

One of the partnering organizations is called Bring Love In. Bring Love In is an organization that brings together a widow and 6-8 orphans in a house and, in it together, they become a forever family with their basic needs taken care of by Bring Love In.

This partnership has created the opportunity for orphans and their caregivers to watch and read Tsehai Loves Learning – Healthy Whiz Kids episodes and books in their home in a fun and exciting way. These episodes are being studied and children’s learning from the Tsehai Loves Learning Healthy Whiz Kids program found that children’s health knowledge doubled after exposure to the television episodes

Sanbek is a young, brilliant girl who lives in one of the Bring Love In homes and is an avid fan of Tsehai Loves Learning-Healthy Whiz Kids. She gets so excited about new episodes. She said, “Tsehai teaches us a lot of things. I learned how to keep my health strong in a lot of ways. I understand how trachoma is transmitted. I didn’t even know what it was before I watched the episodes, but now I understand.” Kids like Sanbek are excited to share the information they gained through the books and episodes with their classmates. Sanbek goes on to add,

Thank you, Tsehai, for telling us how to stay healthy!”


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