Children looking at Tsehai Reading corner materials in an Ethiopian school

Find out how your school can benefit from Tsehai’s awesome reading materials.

Give Students a Head Start

The importance of first language literacy

Studies have shown that fluency in a second language is nearly hopeless without full literacy in the learner’s first language – the language children speak at home with their families. One of the challenges of teaching Amharic in Ethiopian schools has always been a lack of reading materials for young readers. Without books in Amharic, the young student does not have a clear motivation to read or the rewards and feeling of accomplishment one gets from completing a book. A lack of materials in the mother tongue creates an impression that your own voice is not valuable. To solve this problem, Whiz Kids has developed a Classroom Library Kit containing fun storybooks and other materials designed to make learning how to read easy and fun.

Tsehai’s Classroom Library Package

Includes all of the following learning materials:

  • 32 Fidel storybooks, each focusing on different family of Amharic letters
  • 5 additional Amharic storybooks, each with increased complexity for a variety of reading skill levels
  • 16 double-sided posters for all main Amharic letters
  • 2 flashcard sets each including 297 beautifully illustrated cards
  • 32 episodes of the award winning series Tsehai Loves Learning, each associated with one of our 32 Fidel storybooks, for a total of 8 hours of programming on 8 DVD’s
  • Free teacher training video on how to use our materials and incorporate the 5 components of reading in their daily lessons
Reading Corner Facility in the Classroom
  • 1 flashcard pocket for kids to be able manipulate the cards easily, building words and sentences
  • 6 kid-friendly small wall shelves
  • 1 child-sized wooden Tsehai chair to reward the reader of the day
  • 1 big Tsehai mural painted on a wall to create a special space for reading

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By ordering the minimum school package of four complete reading corner sets (see above), you will equip at least four classrooms with a reading corner for less than 10,000 ETB.

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