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A scriptwriter's workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Africa)

Scriptwriter Workshops

We’ve been hosting scriptwriter workshops for our upcoming season of Tsehai. The goal is familiarize our writers with our mission, Tsehai, and the Healthy Whiz Kids initiative.  We have been blessed to receive pro bono training from Dr. Charlotte Cole, a founder of the Blue Butterfly Collaborative and former Vice President of Sesame Street International,

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US AID from the American People (Logo), sponsors of Healthy Whiz Kids in Ethiopia

Healthy Whiz Kids Project Update

Our newest project, Healthy Whiz Kids, is off and running. We are excited to address the lack of proper health education among children through the upcoming season of Tsehai.  Tsehai’s adventures will naturally encourage healthy behavior by educating viewers on a healthy lifestyle.  Children will be empowered with knowledge on specific topics like vaccination, hygiene,

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New Season Educates Mind and Body

After a -productive brainstorming session, we are eager and happy to announce that the next season of Tsehai Loves Learning will focus on basic health awareness. This seasons three central objectives are to improve: Knowledge and attitudes of children on safety, nutrition, hygiene and communicable disease Knowledge and attitudes of families on safety, nutrition, hygiene

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Tsehai Makes Friends in 20 Schools!

With the assistance of our crowdsourcing campaign, WKW equipped 31 classrooms in 20 government-run primary schools around Addis with Tsehai Loves Learning Corners filled with Amharic flashcards, posters, storybooks and workbooks. In total, WKW distributed 6000 student workbooks. Each school received a Tsehai-themed reading corner, the new Tsehai Loves Learning season, and a DVD player. To ensure that these products are used properly, WKW provided

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